Register- och dataskyddsbeskrivning

This is the privacy policy and privacy sta­tement in accor­dance with the EU General Data Pro­tection Regu­lation (GDPR).

Name of register

Customer infor­mation register of LandPro Oy


LandPro Oy, Business ID: 2099899-8

Person in charge of register

Katja Palmu

Intended purpose of register

The intended purpose of the register is to serve as the customer infor­mation register of LandPro Oy.

Infor­mation can be used for the following purposes:

  • Mana­gement of customer relations

Regular sources of information

The main source of infor­mation is the customer. Infor­mation can also be obtained from aut­hority registers, company registers and mutual partners.

Infor­mation content of register

The register mainly includes infor­mation pro­vided to LandPro Oy by customers themselves.

The register can include e.g. the following customer information:

  • Name of person
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Other infor­mation pro­vided by the user.

Regular transfer of information

On consent by the customer, infor­mation can be trans­ferred to the mutual partners of the customer and LandPro Oy in order to deliver the pro­ducts and ser­vices ordered by the customer.

Infor­mation related to invo­icing can be trans­mitted to parties in charge of trans­ferring payments.

Infor­mation is not trans­ferred to third parties within or outside of the EU.

Infor­mation can be trans­ferred to the aut­ho­rities, if they provide a request based on the Finnish law.

Prin­ciples of register and data protection

Manual infor­mation

Manual infor­mation is not main­tained with the exception of accounting. Access to accounting is only granted to certain employees and the accountant of LandPro Oy, who have the obli­gation to maintain secrecy.

Infor­mation in the data admi­nist­ration system

Data is trans­ferred using the SSL-pro­tected connection.

Electronic data is pro­tected by firewall. Only sepa­rately desig­nated employees of LandPro Oy have access to the register infor­mation. Employees are iden­tified by a user code and pas­sword. Infor­mation is con­fi­dential and must not be disclosed to anyone but persons using it in their work, who have the obli­gation to maintain secrecy.

Right to inspection and right to object

Regis­tered person has a right to inspect, what type of per­sonal infor­mation is stored in the per­sonal data register. Written inspection request must be sub­mitted to the person in charge of the register.

Right to inspection is free of charge, if not con­ducted more than once a year.

Storage period of information

We only store per­sonal infor­mation for a necessary period depending on the type and purpose of information.


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