Wind and solar power projects

Land acquis­ition for wind farms and solar power plants

LandPro is an expert company spe­cialized in land acquis­ition for wind power pro­jects. We have suc­cess­fully assisted wind energy com­panies for almost 10 years in acquiring lease agree­ments to implement wind farms. Our cus­tomer ser­vices include real estate and own­ership studies, com­mu­nic­ation with land owners, lease agreement nego­ti­ations, com­pens­ation issues as well as con­tract man­agement and regis­tration. We also assist in project-related private road studies.

In addition to wind energy com­panies, we also provide con­sulting ser­vices to solar energy com­panies in con­tract man­agement and com­pens­ation procedures.

Areas and rights required for the trans­mission and storage of electricity

LandPro’s con­sulting ser­vices also include pro­jects related to the trans­mission and storage of elec­tricity. We provide assistance in all required land acquis­ition tasks of pro­jects. We conduct real estate and own­ership studies, acquire required agree­ments, assist in the applic­ation of the expro­pri­ation permit and in the expro­pri­ation pro­ceedings of power lines.


Wind power pro­jects: Mega­tuuli Oy

LandPro has been involved in the wind power pro­jects of Mega­tuuli Oy since August 2018. We have assisted Mega­tuuli Oy in acquiring agree­ments for the Saunamaa wind farm located in Kurikka and Teuva in the Ostro­bothnia region, for the Suolakangas wind farm located in Kauhajoki and for the Huh­ta­harju wind farm located in Ii.

Our tasks have included, for example, com­mu­nic­ation with land owners, pre­par­ation and regis­tration of lease agree­ments and pre­par­ation of com­pens­ation con­tracts for the tree stand. Our expert has primarily worked in client’s office, which has turned out to be a pre­ferred solution, for example, with regard to fluent project communication.

We hope that our suc­cessful cooper­ation will also con­tinue in the future.

Solar power pro­jects: Neoen

The solar power pro­jects started in 2020. LandPro entered the pro­jects right from the start when potential areas were first explored. The size of the required area for the pro­jects varies approx­im­ately between 10–100 hectares.

Our tasks included, among others, com­pil­ation of real estate data, land own­ership studies, con­tacts and nego­ti­ations with landowners, as well as pre­par­ation and regis­tration of lease agreements.


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