Transport infra­structure projects

Expert ser­vices for land acquis­ition tasks in road and rail projects

LandPro is an expert company spe­cialized in land acquis­ition of transport infra­structure pro­jects. We provide expert ser­vices for all land acquis­ition tasks in road and rail pro­jects. Our expert ser­vices con­tribute to more effi­cient resource alloc­ation for the developers of transport infra­structure pro­jects. Util­iz­ation of our ser­vices also provides for smoother project oper­a­tions by securing that rights and areas needed for the project will be taken into pos­session according to the con­struction schedule, and essential issues with regard to the com­pens­ation pro­cedure will be considered.

Ver­satile land acquis­ition services

We assist our cus­tomers in legal road and rail surveys; we prepare acts of taking into pos­session and rejoinders to claims for com­pens­ation. In transport infra­structure pro­jects we assess the com­pens­ation to land owners for the con­veyance of property as well as evaluate potential dis­ad­vantages, losses and damages due to con­struction. We nego­tiate with land owners regarding real estate trans­ac­tions, com­pens­a­tions and consent for taking areas into pos­session. We conduct real estate valu­ations and take respons­ib­ility for real estate trans­action arrange­ments. We also assist and rep­resent the developers of transport infra­structure pro­jects in Land Court hearings.


Rail project: Ring Rail Line

Ring Rail Line is an orbital rail con­nection, which links the Vantaankoski rail line to the Main rail line in Hiekka­harju, Vantaa through the Hel­sinki-Vantaa airport.

LandPro joined the Ring Rail Line project after the start of its con­struction in 2011. Getting involved in a large project was a trouble-free process and the acts of taking into pos­session were per­formed on schedule required by the con­struction works.

LandPro was responsible for the land acquis­ition tasks of the project on assignment by the Finnish Transport Agency (now Finnish Transport Infra­structure Agency). Our tasks included the expro­pri­ations of railway areas in expro­pri­ation pro­ceedings, agree­ments with land owners regarding e.g. project-induced damages to prop­erties, real estate trans­ac­tions for acquiring addi­tional areas and rep­res­enting the Finnish Transport Agency in Land Court hearings.

Railway traffic on the Ring Rail Line started in summer 2015 and land acquis­ition tasks were ulti­mately com­pleted in spring 2019, when final expro­pri­ation pro­ceedings regarding com­pens­a­tions for damages gained legal force.

Road project: Ring Road I in Keil­aniemi and Laa­ja­lahti (Espoo)

LandPro has been involved in the Ring Road I project in Laa­ja­lahti since summer 2015, when the project was started by the pre­par­a­tions for taking into possession.

We assisted the Uusimaa ELY Centre, which was responsible for land acquis­ition, in the coordin­ation of pre­par­atory works for the road survey, planning of noise meas­ure­ments, nego­ti­ations with land owners and pre­par­ation of rejoinders to the road survey.

Due to the project, expro­pri­ations included, for example, a long-lived service station with fuel dis­tri­bution and parts of an office building located along the Ring Road I. The project is located in a densely built-up area and related interests were of great sig­ni­ficance. For example, ques­tions related to noise problems caused by con­struction works were under dis­cussion during the project.

The road project has been com­pleted and the so-called 2nd phase of the road survey is still upcoming, which includes e.g. potential dis­ad­vantages and damages caused by the project.

The project was imple­mented by the city of Espoo and the Finnish Transport Infra­structure Agency. Cooper­ation between dif­ferent parties has been inter­esting and rewarding.

After the com­pletion of the Keil­aniemi section of the project, upgrading of the Ring Road I was con­tinued in Laa­ja­lahti. On the Laa­ja­lahti section of the Ring Road I project LandPro is responsible for similar tasks as on the Keil­aniemi section. Con­struction works are planned to be com­pleted in summer 2021.

Photo: Transport Infra­structure Agency


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