Infra­structure pro­jects in marine areas

Permit pro­cedures

LandPro provides expert ser­vices for infra­structure pro­jects in marine areas, such as the imple­ment­ation of gas pipelines and tele­com­mu­nic­ation cables in ter­rit­orial and inter­na­tional waters. We have par­ti­cipated in several sig­ni­ficant domestic and inter­na­tional pro­jects and have been responsible for suc­cessful permit pro­cedures and necessary cooper­ation with the authorities.

The experts in LandPro con­tribute to smooth project oper­a­tions in dif­ferent phases of a con­struction project including permit pro­cedures and cooper­ation with rel­evant organ­iz­a­tions. Permit pro­cedures include an envir­on­mental impact assessment (EIA), pre­par­ation of permit applic­a­tions for survey activ­ities as well as for water resource man­agement pro­jects in ter­rit­orial waters (water permit) and in the Exclusive Eco­nomic Zone (EEZ permit), com­mu­nic­ation with the author­ities and authority noti­fic­ation pro­cedures during the project.

Data Cable Project: Baltika

Baltika –project includes the con­struction of more than a 1 000 km long Data Cable through the Baltic Sea between the Len­ingrad and Kalin­ingrad regions of Russia. The Data Cable will pass through the ter­rit­orial waters and the Exclusive Eco­nomic Zone of the Russian Fed­er­ation as well as through the Exclusive Eco­nomic Zones of Finland and Sweden. The length of the Data Cable is about 377 km in the Finnish Exclusive Eco­nomic Zone and about 395 km in the Swedish Exclusive Eco­nomic Zone.

LandPro has been involved in the project since 2019 and has been responsible for the pre­par­ation of permit applic­a­tions and envir­on­mental studies in Finland and Sweden. The project started with the pre­par­ation of survey permit applic­a­tions in Finland and Sweden in early 2019. The EEZ permit applic­ation in Sweden was sub­mitted in summer 2019 and the water permit and EEZ permit applic­a­tions in Finland were sub­mitted in late 2019. The water permit decision was made in May 2020 and the EEZ permit decisions are expected during the summer 2020.


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